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Children's Steel and Enamel Dinnerware

This timeless and delightful children's dinnerware will become an heirloom for your grandchildren. Our durable and fun plates, bowls and drinkware are a healthy choice for young toddlers and children. You do not need to be concerned about the process or materials, they are wholly safe for your children.

Being a small family company, Golden Rabbit is concerned with food safety as our customers. Since they began producing enamelware, over 16 years ago, they have hired independent U.S. labs to regularly conduct the FDA lead & cadmium tests on every new production. Before any shipment leaves our overseas factories in Indonesia, samples from the shipment must pass the FDA compliance tests

Golden Rabbit's porcelain enamel dinner and cookware is vastly superior to typical tin plates. We use a heavy high grade of carbon steel which is first coated with a primer and then bathed in porcelain enamel frits. It is then oven fired at between 1500  and 1800 . This process creates a hard finish on top of the steel that is not only decorative but perfectly adapted for food service