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Ekelund: Swedish Master Weavers since 1692

The company is located in Horred on the west side of Sweden, 60 km (37 miles) southeast of Göteborg, a good location about a 30-minute drive from Landvetter airport. All production takes place in the company’s factory in Horred. We import yarn that is dyed in Sweden. Thereafter we weave, prepare and produce the finished products. The machinery features the latest technology, efficiently operated by our proud skilled employees.

For 16 generations, and over 450 years, the family has worked using textiles. According to well documented research, we are probably the world's oldest family textile company. Börje, Larsson, the family's eldest known member, was born in 1540. The time was characterized by self-subsistence, and on the farms people wove the textiles they needed. The family's livelihood then developed from these skills. But it was not until some time into the next century, that one could discern the contours of what is now Linneväveriet in Horred and the Ekelund brand.


This historic company is committed to a green environment. The president states “…having grown up in a society where every spare moment was devoted to fishing and hunting in a boundless and, unspoiled Countryside, and with the understanding that I now possess of how the family and the company have lived on the bounty of Nature for more than 300 years, respect for the earth that feeds us has become a matter of course. When seen in this perspective one is alarmed at the damage caused by industrialism and the consumer society: acidification, dying forests, over-fertilized oceans, mountains of waste, chemical and physical environmental disasters, etc. “