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WARD Gallery displays unique prints for sale.

The printing method known as Giclee is rapidly becoming an important art medium. The technique allows an artist or publisher to photograph a painting, then print the image in startling quality, but with ink, not paint.

WARD Gallery will not display Giclee prints of artists we do not know. Such prints in a fine art setting only reduce he opportunity for an original to be sold.

WARD presents hand made fine art prints in the form of Etchings, Intaglio, Seriagraph and Lithograph

We also show Giclee prints in the the following instances:

  • Subject Matter which exists nowhere else. In other words not a reproduction of a painting, but an object or series of objects.
  • Examples we present are pages from a Menonite agricultural diary, or a collection of labels from a French company producing food,drug and beverage labels in the 1700s
  • Hand colored prints from Plates created long ago, considered as antiques
  • Prints by artists whom we personally know, who personally hold the original from which the print is made.