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About the artist: Lesa is a painter and master printmaker who splits her time between Philadelphia and Frankfort, Michigan. She is known for her luminescent, meditative and mysterious landscapes as well as non-representational prints. She teaches printmaking at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art as well as painting classes at the Glen Arbor Arts Association during the summer.

Lesa is a native of Michigan in the Detroit area and was a successful corporate executive, managing a $500 Million dollar division of a Fortune 100 company, before she left corporate America to pursue her original vision. Lim graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art in 2005.

Her prints, or the process of rolling wet paper over an inked plate surface are of the Intaglio form, meaning the lines or shapes to be printed are cut away from a plate using an acid etching . In some cases multiple colored inks may be used on a single plate, or often up to 3 different plates are used for the image, each using a different primary color.

Current work at W.A.R.D Gallery consists of color etchings over a watercolor background, 3 Plate Etchings, and Color Etchings augmented with pastel. Using the etching technique affords her the ability to create beautiful, yet simple works of art accentuated with very clean and sharp lines, yielding an image of simplistic beauty. She also paints directly onto paper with both watercolor and pastel.