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Fauld England

Fauld is recognized the world over for its attention to detail and excellence in quality. People purchase Fauld because they know that they are buying the very best. The heritage of fine English craftsmanship is found in each and every piece. Fauld products are divided into two groups – there is the Fauld Made in England Collection and the Cambridge Collection which is produced in the Far East; each produced is created to the exacting standards that are synonymous with the Fauld tradition.

As a family run business they are very proud of the furniture that we produce in our own workshops in Herefordshire deep in the heart of the English countryside. Their vast workshops give them the flexibility we need to produce the products our clients require, and to their exact requirements. Every single piece of furniture that we produce is unique and no two pieces are exactly the same, reflecting the individual approach they take to each and every item of furniture.

Fauld's extensive range of English Country and French Provincial antique-style furniture is created by craftsmen, in England, with many years experience in the care and restoration of antiques. A broad knowledge of the effects of the passing of time on period furniture combines with a mastery of color phasing and highly skilled distressing techniques to produce a range of furniture unrivaled for it's authentic "aged" appearance and quality of finish.

Fauld is famous for choice. The range comprises chairs, tables, dressers, bases, bookcases, servers / huntboards, four-poster beds, entertainment units and occasional items.

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Custom Design

Special projects and custom sizing are an important aspect of Fauld’s expanding business. The scope of Fauld’s furniture making is virtually limitless. If a solution to a unique, sometimes seemingly impossible request is needed, Fauld designers and craftsmen will draw upon their unrivalled knowledge to take an individual specification from concept to reality.

In addition to a wide choice of Standard items we also have the ability to not only adapt Standard items in terms of customers' sizes, material and finish, but also to create new design solutions like the truly unique Pippy Oak dining table. This special service gives customers, particulary Interior Designers, virtually total flexibility in the realization of their specific needs.

All Custom Design furniture is handmade in our UK workshops in Hereford by a dedicated and knowledgeable team of craftsmen and designers.

Cambridge Collection

Cambridge is made in the Far East and is an ever changing collection of ageless classics with a twist. This product represents excellent value and we are insistent at Fauld about ensuring that the quality of the product remains high being integral to the Fauld brand. Each item is personally checked by hand and we ensure that the quality of design, finishing and presentation is all done to the high standards you would expect from Fauld. The Cambridge Collection does not have the flexibility of being able to be customized due to the nature of the product being produced in the Far East but we are able to offer a superb custom making service from Fauld being made in England.

At Fauld we do what we do because we love making beautiful furniture. We care and are passionate about the quality from start to finish and our customers think along the same lines.