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Artitalia: Italy's Fine Art in Furniture

What sets ARTITALIA apart………?


Designed and handmade in Italy with the best possible raw materials, the Artitalia Group collections showcase the work of experienced, skilled artisans who still employ the traditional techniques of true Italian craftsmanship. By using reclaimed parts or antique wood panels, and in some instances, natural, plant-based finishes, they are not only leaving a smaller environmental footprint, but they are able to offer unique pieces with a bit of history. Their collections are varied and incredibly breath taking.

Artitalia Group create things in the Old World way. Whether it's food, or shoes, or furniture, Italians start with the best ingredients, and slow techniques to arrive at perfection. If it isn't made with honest work, it isn't worth making. And their furniture shows it.

For this reason, Artitalia Group uses the finest European woods such as walnut, cherry, and oak, among others, and hand selected in order to achieve the highest standards of production and creativity. Finishes that embody a deep patina and hand rubbed essence like timeless pieces decades old.

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The inspiration of Italy. “ Ah, to grow up in Rome Italy, kicking the soccer ball through the cobblestone streets of the Eternal City, leaning on famous fountains to enjoy an after school snack of roasted chestnuts, or his favorite, a triple-stacked gelato. Hot in the city, summers sent his family packing through the Italian countryside in their Fiat 500 to enjoy their summer home overlooking the famous seaside Tuscan resort, Porto Ercole, a paradise overlooking the Mediterranean.”

Sounds ideal, yet it's true even in Italy, the grass is always greener on the other side or as they would say: "L'erba del vicino e' sempre piu' verde."

After spending a summer in Florida at a tennis school, Marco Felicioli moved permanently to Scottsdale, Arizona, where he still lives today with his wife and two children. Italian at heart, but happy to be in the States, Marco straddled his affection and in 1997, Artitalia Group was born and began importing beautiful high-end Italian furniture and art for the trade. His interest in custom furniture and architectural projects has generated a timeless resource for our clients.

It goes without saying, Marco owes much of his success to the artisans of Italy who have dedicated their art to create distinctive furniture through traditional techniques and values. His unwavering commitment to quality, design, style and most importantly customer service.

Artitalia Group began it's journey with the renowned Vere Antichita collection, today, they provide unparalleled design and a breath of styles that range from the traditional to the sustainable. Then and now, Artitalia Group represents the most excellent group of Italian artisans. Benvenuti.