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Candlestick Glamour!  A Design Accessory For All Occasions & Many Locations


Best Sellers! Great Gifts Every Day! Cut crystal or glass, candle holders provide the ambience and drama to carry the day.  Each lovely glass piece is reflective and brilliant whether you light your candles or not .  these glass decor pieces offer the grace and elegance necessary for formal dinner parties and can be year-round dining room decor.

When the candles are lit, they provide warm ambient lighting to contrast with the cool ice-like glass candlesticks. Good light, and several layers of it, are important decorating elements especially in winter, when the days are so much shorter. The contrast of warm light and cool glass mimic the play of sunlight on ice while creating a warm, yet formal, atmosphere. To avoid a potentially intimate atmosphere, use many other sources of light, keep groups of candlesticks to 3 or less unless dramatically large areas are available, and consider using groups of 3 in multiple locations, such as the centerpiece, the sideboard or buffet and the mantle or coffee table.

Unlit, the candlesticks maintain a cooler atmosphere that can be warmed up with colored candles. They make excellent dividers between food items on the buffet as well as elegant dining decor on the table.

You never can have too many candle holders - holders for pillars, holders for tapers, holders tall, short or medium tall....mix, match, use imagination and give inspiration for drama, for the evening, for the dinner, for the guest and just for you and someone special.  Enjoy

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