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Personal Care, Shaving, Lotions & Colognes

Escape from the mundane to a world of total relaxation. Reward yourself with a gift from Ciao Bella! Our products are chosen from many of the world's finest body care companies. Treat yourself or treat someone you love. Our products are diverse enough to meet your individual needs and confirm thoughtful attention to every gift you give.

For You! Your much-deserved indulgences begin with adding to your personal image, making you feel good about yourself, and when you do, others feel good about you as well. Taking care of your skin and body enriches your life. Whether you seek the refined essence of nature, great looking skin, an enhanced shaving experience, the stimulation and curing power of complex oils and lotions, natural healing properties of shea butter and other treatments, or the relaxation of subtle, natural fragrances, you can rely upon Ciao Bella! to provide products which fulfill our mission of offering inspiration for The Well- Lived-Life.

Shaving & Shaving Brushes:

The brush is usually associated with use by “wet shavers”. Wet shavers usually use a straight or doubled edged safety razor for use when shaving, though anyone who shaves can employ the tool.

Using a shave brush is recommended because it helps you to get a closer shave by getting more water mixed into your shaving cream. This will result in a richer lather, which, in turn, will keep your razor from dragging or skipping as badly.

The modern shaving brush, as known today, was developed in France during the middle of the 1700s. Badger hair was used on the more expensive brushes, while boar’s hair was employed for use on the more inexpensive models. In these days, it was fairly common to find the handle made from materials like a tortoise shell, gold, ivory, silver, porcelain, or even crystal.

A good shave brush can also exfoliate the skin to a degree, and even soften and raise the hair before shaving. This will result in a closer shave, as spreading shaving cream with your hand will actually matt and press down your facial hair.

European Soaps, Shaving Gear and Shea Butter Skin Treatments
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