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Large Fjords Admiral Recliner Chair and Ottoman Small Scale Admiral: Fjords of Norway  Since 1946, Premium Leather A more delicate chair:
Norwegian Leather Chairs and Sofas: Fjords

Admiral Recliner Chair

By Fjords - Hjellegjerde of Norway

The Admiral Recliner from Fjords is probably the most pleasant chair you can ever sit in. The Admiral is at home in traditional, as well as modern settings. Select the leather and wood finishes to complement your décor, then let the Admiral adapt to your body in a very special way.

Important Features:

  • Made in Norway for 70 years by a family business using advanced robotics while manufacturing the most comfortable seating in the world.

  • The Admiral, one of about 1000 different items in the line, is made with a C-Frame base of extremely hard laminated beech wood. The Frame’s shape creates space under the seat, affording you the softest of a gentle bounce but with less movement than a rocker.

  • A full recliner with only a single moving part means ease of use and low maintenance while adjusting the tension during reclining or while in static positions.

  • Swivels, 360* not loosely, but enough to easily change your position

  • A separate Ottoman, easy to adjust to one’s body length, yet sloped forward so as to pull your knees slightly upward to relieve stress and tension. Exceptional solution for all body heights.

  • Fjords® Admiral is distinguished by a plush backrest and an easy to adjust pillow plush headrest. This cushion is specifically shaped to improve the comfort properties of the seat and back

  • Cold poured at sea level, the foam cushioning carries a density rating of 3.2 vs. normal seating at 1.8.This is important becausethe shape of your chair will not compress or stretch, and it retains its original firm comfort for many years.

  • A manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years on steel, 5 on wood and 2 on leather components.

  • Astro Line Leather Semi-aniline leather with surface pigments applied to the natural leather to even out color tones. Improved resistance to spills and environmental factors. Thicker than other furniture leather and maintains a natural softness and resistance to wear and tear.

  • Offered in 8 colors of Grade A leather and 7 different base stains . Under Fjords’ Expedited program, 3 colors of leather may be delivered in 2-3 weeks, while supplies last. Other colors require 10-14 weeks please.

    • Expedited leathers


  • Frame Stain Options:Fjords furniture is often available with wood bases or wood trim. These pieces are available in your choice of wood finish and Fjords offers a helpful selection of some of the most popular stains and finishes available.. Almost every wood base is immediately available: Light Cherry, Black, Expresso, Cherry, Blonde Oak, Walnut, Teak, and Natural

  • Replacement and maintenance. The zippered covers to both the Ottoman and Chair can be easily removed to make the hides easy to maintain and repair, if necessary. Complete cleaning instructions and single small wrench to adjust fittings are stored underneath the ottoman.

  • Two Sizes:

Dimensions: Fjords® Admiral Large

Width 33 in. - Height 42 1/2 in. - Depth 33 in.

Seat Height 17 3/4 in. - Seat Depth 21 in.

Dimensions: Footstool

Width 19 3/4 in. - Height 16 1/2 in. - Depth 19 in.

Dimensions: Fjords® Admiral Small

Width 30 3/4 in. - Height 41 in. - Depth 32 1/3

Seat Height 17 3/4 in. - Seat Depth 20 in.

Dimensions: Footstool

Width 19 3/4 in. - Height 16 1/2 in. - Depth 19 in.

Pricing:Normal retail pricing for the Chair and Ottoman together is $2645 for the large size. And $2545 for the small size. Call or E-mail us for further information, samples or a brochure.

Introduction to Fjords®

Since 1946, Fjords® by Hjellegjerde® (pronounced yell-eh-jerd-eh) of Norway company has designed and manufactured modern leather home furnishings. Located in the picturesque Sunnmøre region of Norway they are surrounded by majestic mountains and deep fjords. This community produces some of the highest quality furniture found throughout the world. In this Video you'll see not only the beauty of Norway and this community but will also get an opportunity to see how Hjellegjerde manufacturers their furniture using state of the art equipment and high-end manufacturing techniques .

Warranty: 10 year guarantee

Our materials and production controls give you a 10 year guarantee on all steel structures and 5 years on foam, plastic parts and woodwork. All Fjords® products are traceable. A label under the armrests or beneath the piece of furniture will reveal when the product was made. For general inquiries regarding our products, we would ask you to kindly refer to this label.

Admiral Black with Light Cherry Frame