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Nesti Dante is dedicated to the beauty of the skin and the well-being of the mind. Each bar has been painstakingly balanced with the very best natural ingredients; each ingredient is chosen and combined with others to enhance each bars therapeutic properties. You are able to select which properties of a particular soap (energizing, relaxation, etc.) fits your life style and needs.

NESTI DANTE ITALIAN SOAPS are made with love and care by Nesti Dante in Florence, Italy. These beautiful soaps are triple milled creating a bar which is long lasting and one that retains its fragrance week after week. You will especially enjoy the wide range of signature fragrances - sophisticated, subtle, lingering and unique. There are over 50 options of skillfully blended ingredients from which to chose. This is achieved by the use of pure vegetable natural soap with active and organic ingredients, proteins made with handcrafted method of saponification*. Luxurious, handcrafted soaps inspired by the beautiful region of Florence - made with enchanting perfumes from the hills of Tuscany - beautifully packaged in elegant Florentine style paper.

NESTI DANTE soaps (saponi) are prepared respecting the age-old tradition of the true Italian 'Saponeria' - the cauldron method. Nesti Dante remains one of only a few companies in the world that continue to use the handicraft method of saponification.

Today, Nesti Dante is one of the few companies in the world which, although on an industrial scale, still produces soap with artisanal methods, carrying out the complete cycle of production by skilled craftsmen. And it strictly follows the traditional process of boiling in a cauldron, which takes several days and the continual assistance, including manual, of master soapmakers and perfumers, who can monitor the various phases of the process (saponification, washing, liquidation, decantation and extraction from special vacuum driers).

This recipe for success is completed by the exquisite refinement of the packaging with attention paid to even the tiniest detail and the use of selected raw materials of very high quality and without synthetic surfactants, which are responsible for allergies and irritation of the skin, hair and eyes. Over half a century of coherent commitment, illuminated by the objectives of excellence of its founder: “We will always work not to be the biggest, but to be the best.”

*Saponification = is a chemical process in soap making that combine a fat source (either animal or vegetable) and an alkali (acid). Vegetable fat source is of higher-quality value than animal fat source!
Nesti Dante uses NO ANIMAL FAT.

Origin: Made in Italy Since 1945
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