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(from the Florentine Hills) by Nesti Dante

An aromatic journey through the bloomy perfumes of the Florentine Hills for the well-being of body and spirit. Rich and romantic, these floral soaps gently cleanse, soften and smooth the skin.

250 gr. (8.8 oz.) natural bar soaps

Origin:  Handmade in Italy

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CYPRESS (Regenerating): Italian Nesti Dante soap GINESTRA (BROOM) (PASSIONAL) by NestI Dante Soaps IRIS (SENSUAL) by Nesti Dante Soaps
Studding the hills surrounding Florence, this tree has long been admired for its fresh, invigorating scent.  In ancient times, it was the emblem of immortality. Renowned for its exciting and intoxicating scent, the person who wears this essence is said to be irresistible. It was highly appreciated by the Greeks and Romans, who grew it who grew it to attract bees and obtain an excellent honey. The floral coat-of-arms emblem of Florence, Iris can be found growing abundantly in the Tuscan countryside. It is a flower that transmits positive vibrations and is perfect to offer in the case of imminent changes or good news, or to wish someone who is about to take an important step good luck.
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Long-admired for its restorative properties, the fragrance of lavender creates an oasis of relaxation. Only a few drops are necessary to regain serenity and equilibrium and dispel tension and stress with greater insouciance. Its petals, which are as crimson as they are fragile, make it the symbol of a captivating, but ephemeral passion, subject to the dangers of time. During the Renaissance, Sweet Violet was said to conceal its secrets of seduction and symbolic love. As told by the legend: Vulcan, to conquer the reluctant and very beautiful Venus, appeared before her flaunting this elixir. And at last, the goddess put aside her reluctance and kissed him.