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Gustaviansk Floral
1. You must know the size of your table and then you can calculate which of our tablecloth sizes are appropriate.
2. Our tablecloth measurements are the guaranteed minimum size AFTER WASHING. We deliver your cloth with an excess of 3-5%.
3. Select a tablecloth and check all sizes that we provide for that pattern.
4. Let's assume your table is 40” x 78”
5. WIDTH: Calculate the drop on the sides of your table by taking its width and add twice the drop (inches) amount that you desire ….. a safe amount for a drop being 8 to 12+ inches on either side. For example: a 59 “ wide tablecloth on a 40” table will provide 9.5 drop on the sides.
6. LENGTH: If your table is 78” long and the tablecloth is 102”, you subtract the length of the table from the length of the cloth that leaves 24” inches being a 12” drop on both ends. Perfect! 7. A custom size may be a solution for uniquely sized tables, but keep in mind that not all patterns and colors are available in yardage lengths.

Gustaviansk Floral