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Mid-Line Pencil Collection (Medium) 5 1/2" L
Minature Graphite Writing Sculptures

Clever & Beautiful Pencils: Interesting and Functional - Graphite Writing Instrument

A gift for any person on your list who has a taste for beauty and art. This talented artist creates sculptural “pencils” of solid graphite. These unique objects are functional writing utensils and elegant sculptures. Each surface of the sculpture can be used as a writing tool on paper. The unique composition of the graphite sculpture makes the mark on paper, but the graphite sculpture will not mark on your hands or make a mess. As a wonderful conversation piece, keep it next to the kitchen phone, on your office desk or give to your best friend...it will always be ready to use and never retired to the drawer.

Form and Function: This functional work of art is created in three collections - the Classic (grande) measures approximately 7” long, the mid-Line (medium) is approximatley 5-6", and the Petite Line (mini). Each penicl comes beautifully boxed with the artist's statement of the historic significance and importance of each natural symbol.

These functional sculptures remain the one pencil on your desk top that is always ready to write This unusual gift can last up to ten years with regular use, and it remains a beautiful and interesting conversation piece.

HOW ARE THESE GRAPHITE OBJECTS MADE? The Artist makes these unusual implements that are equally an object of art and a functional drawing/writing tool. Each Graphite Object is meticulously hand-crafted in his San Francisco studio. First, he carves an original design in clay. With intense pressure, carbonaceous graphite (same material in pencils) and smudge-resistant compounds are fused into a reproducible form using a proprietary technique that Batle invented.

Finally using delicate carving and traditional finishing techniques, the Graphite Object is completed. All their surfaces can draw and the graphite will resist smudging onto your hand. With daily use these Graphite Objects should last 7 to 9 years. Perfect for gift giving, each Graphite Object is beautifully packaged with signed literature and a custom box. Origin: Handmade in the USA
Mid-Line Pencil Collection (Medium) 5 1/2" L